Best Dinner Spots in Manila

Nothing better to wrap your day up than a tasty, fulfilling dinner at a local venue. Don’t waste time aimlessly wandering into the night and check this list of the best places to go for a legit Manila dinner!

Best Lunch Spots in Manila

From local food havens to more international choices, there’s definitely no shortage of lunch options in Manila. Hungry? Take a look into these selected picks to explore Manila’s best lunch spots!

Best Breakfast Spots in Manila

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and that definitely applies when traveling to a foreign country. Want to know where to find the best spots to enjoy a hearty breakfast in Manila? Then keep reading!

Manila’s Main Art Galleries

Do you consider yourself a true art connoisseur? Then you can’t leave Manila without checking out some of its finest art institutions. Here’s our Top 5!

The Best Museums in Manila

Philippines’ culture and folklore is amazingly rich and varied, and therefore it might seem a bit overwhelming when trying to fit it into your vacation plans. Where should you start? Just keep this guide handy y prepare to explore Manila’s best museums!

Best Places in Manila for Nature Lovers

Need to escape Manila’s steel jungle for a while, but don’t feel like planning a quick getaway? Say no more. The big city also has its own little nature haves where anyone can unwind and relax!

Best Family-Friendly Activities in Manila

Visitin Manila with kids? Don’t sweat about it. In Philippines’ capital you’ll find plenty of activities and attractions for a perfect family-fun day. Here are some of the best ones!