Guide to Car Travel Safety

Whether you are driving a small two door automobile or a large van or truck, drivers are faced with a number of potential dangers on and off the roadways. These are factors that we face on an every day basis while we go to work, go home, go shopping, go to school and every where in between. How we handle these situations can be the difference between driving safely on the road and having accidents.

On a regular basis we face a number of different situations that can be created by nature, by the auto you are driving or by carelessness or negligence on the part of the driver. There are a number of potential problem areas that drivers face. To help you navigate the roads safely we have put together a number of helpful resources for you to review.

Please feel free to utilize these pages and information to keep safe while on the roadway. Also, feel free to share this page with others who can benefit from the information provided. Happy and safe motoring!

Car Safety Tips

Road Conditions

Distracted Driving

Impaired Driving

Car Maintenance

Drowsy Driving

Teen Driving

Senior Driving

Additional Resources