A Look at the History of the Airplane

The world of transportation has undone tremendous changes over the course of time. Man has gone from walking from place to place to using horses, cars, boats and trains as methods of transportation. While each of these modes of transportation offers pluses, they also have minuses. They provided ways to go from place to place, however, you may be limited by the amount of time it takes to complete the journey, geographic restrictions and other ways that prevents this from being efficient. However, transportation changed dramatically with the invention and usage of the airplane.

The invention of the airplane has opened up the world for people. Now with air travel people are not facing the same geographic restrictions that are with other methods of transportation. As long as a plane can takeoff and land, people can travel to those locations. However, the path that was taken to reach this point had as many ups and downs as the first flight attempts.

To learn more about the history of the airplane and flight, we have assembled a number of useful websites that record the timeline of flight from the earliest theories of man-made flight to the first successful flights to information on some of the pioneers of air travel. We hope this information is useful in giving you the true picture of the history of flight and the airplane. Enjoy!