Flight Principles - Sir Isaac Newton
and the Laws of Gravitation

One of the biggest mysteries that has perplexed man since the beginning of time is the concept of flight. From the earliest days, man has marveled at birds that can gracefully fly through the air, turn and stop effortlessly. In their wildest dreams, man could only imagine what it would be like to fly like a bird. However, one of the biggest obstacles that man faced in his dreams of flight was the concept of gravity and how it could be overcome.

On January 4, 1643, one of the most influential scientist was born in the United Kingdom. Sir Isaac Newton was one of the first scientist to understand the principles of motion and gravity. With a better understanding of these concepts, this provided other pioneers the opportunity to experiment which led to man being able to fly, like they had always imagined.

However, this would not have been possible without the efforts of Sir Isaac Newton. Newton spent many hours experimenting with motion and gravity and came up with many theories that were put into practice for the next several generations. To learn more about the work of Newton, we have put together a listing of websites that talk about Newton, gravity, motion and learning opportunities for kids and parents. We hope that this information is helpful in learning more about one of the greatest scientific minds - Sir Isaac Newton.