A Look at The History of Air Travel

For centuries, man has wondered at having the ability to fly. We have watched in awe as birds swooped, soared and flew through the air. In watching flight, man always wished that they could also have the ability to fly whenever and wherever you want. Through the work of a number of enterprising people in history, man eventually began to fly.

While many inventors have attempted to simulate flight, but the most notable were Wilber and Orville Wright. In 1903, the Wright Brothers became the first humans to successfully attempt a powered flight. While it was just a short flight, it was the launching pad for more inventors attempting and perfecting flight. In short order, airplanes were designed for longer flights and eventually was put to work delivering items and transporting people both domestically and internationally.

Today, air travel is one of the safest and fastest way to be transported from one place to the other. However, the journey has been an adventure filled with ups and downs. To learn more about the history of air travel, we have listed a number of useful links. We hope you find this informative and helpful. Please feel free to share this with others wishing to learn more about the fabulous history of air travel.