The answer depends entirely on your destination. For instance, it’s cheapest to fly to LosĀ Angeles (LAX)
in January, while you can score the cheapest flights to Rio de Janeiro in December. The key is booking your
tickets during “off-peak travel” times, which depend on the busy seasons of your destination.
Fortunately, this means you can book cheap flights to top destinations all year long,
so long as you know when to book. So what is the cheapest month to fly? Keep reading to
discover the cheapest months to travel to some of the world’s most popular cities.
January: If you’re looking to travel to Southern California cities like San Diego and Los Angeles,
then January is the best time of year to book your flights. While snowbirds flock to sunny
Florida, you can score airline deals to sunny SoCal.
February: In February, bargain hunters go looking for cheap flights to Hong Kong, the
Philippines, and India. The region is typhoon free, and you can catch the famous Spring Lantern
Festival happening during this month.
March: For anyone looking for cheap but romantic honeymoon destinations, March is the
perfect time of year to book cheap flights and hotels in Buenos Aires.

April: Chicago has multiple airports to choose from, but you’ll have your pick of seats if you choose
to travel in April. While January is the cheapest month to travel almost anywhere, you
can find especially good deals on flights to Chicago in the spring.

May: Florida is busiest during the winter and summer travel seasons, which is why May is the
best month to score deals.
June: This is the best month to find discount travel and lodging in Beijing. Early summer in the
United States is the off-season in Beijing.
July: While the Northeast can still get sweltering hot in the summer, July is often the best time
of year to find affordable flights to cities like Boston and New York City.
August: Berlin may be famous for Oktoberfest, but that’s why traveling in August might be the
savvier option!

September: August is peak vacation season in Europe, where vacation time is taken very seriously.
As a result, September is the best time for foreigners to book cheap flights.

October: Greece is picture perfect all year long, but October is the best time to book flights to
cities like Athens or Santorini without missing the sunny tourism season altogether!
November: Why is November the best month to book flights to San Francisco? Because that’s
when you’ll find the cheapest hotel prices in this insanely expensive city.
December: While people love to visit Florida, New York City, and the Caribbean around the
winter holidays, Vegas is a less popular, and therefore cheaper, option (so long as you avoid
New Year’s Eve)