American Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Service

Children between 5 and 16 years old, are usually considered Unaccompanied Minors. Therefore, it’s mandatory to use your airline’s Unaccompanied Minor Service. American Airlines offers Unaccompanied Minor services to children traveling alone. To ensure your child’s safety, the airline requires a form to be completed by either a parent or guardian before his/her departure date. Usually, these forms request information on who will drop them off at the airport/gate and who will pick them up when they arrive.

It’s the responsibility of the parent or legal guardian to ensure that your child has the required entry and departure documents to travel to and from the visiting country, including the countries he/she is passing through.Please note that the Unaccompanied Minor Service is not free. It’s crucial to fill out any forms your airline requires in advance, as well as following all Unaccompanied Minor Service procedures. This will allow you to prevent your child from being denied boarding or charged with additional costs.

American Airlines offers Unaccompanied Minors services to children from 5-14 years old.


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