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Expand My Palate

June 29, 2016

The breaking of bread brings people together all over the world. ? Through the ritual of eating together in a new place, you gain insight into the local people, their history and their culture. Not just eating, but eating *together* is one of the best ways to discover a new country. But even after #traveling to more than 30 countries, my heart remains in one place—my mother’s house. ? For me, food is a #ReasonToTravel, but it’s also a reason to come home (especially at Thanksgiving! ?). It’s easy to keep an eye on the horizon ahead, but it’s just as important to look back once in a while and remember. Thanks so much for letting me show you a bit of my world today. Keep eating, keep traveling, and keep expanding your palate! @travelfreak_ signing out ??

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Author: David Schoenholtz

David grew up in Saudi Arabia, and has also lived in Kuwait, France, and the US. His work has appeared in global publications, and he's won hundreds of awards.