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Ten Budget Travel Tips to South America by CheapOair.com
  South America is an astonishing region with distinctive countries rooted in Latin, French and European cultures. When planning a trip to South America, there are many countries to choose form. Whether you're planning a beach vacation, ski trip or an adventure holiday, here are ten budget travel tips to help you plan and save on your next South American holiday, filled with adventures to last a lifetime.

Buy duty-free
When you arrive at the airport, take a minute and browse the duty-free shop.  Make a mental note of anything you might want to purchase while in the city and if it’s at the duty-free shop, buy it there on your way out of town instead.  Customs will let you take $500 worth of duty-free merchandise purchased at Brazilian Airports, and $300 in Peru.

Customs will let you take $500 worth of duty-free merchandise purchased at Brazilian Airports, and $300 in Peru.

Book Special Events in Advance
If you are traveling for a special event, such as Carnival in Sao Paulo, Brazil, book as far in advance as possible.  This will help ensure a cheaper rate than if you wait to book, so if you are hankering to experience such an event, book it now and don’t wait!

Stay in small hotels
Look for pousadas, small, privately run hotels that are less expensive than the major hotels.  When booking, look for the word “pousada” in the hotel name, which usually indicates its one of the smaller and usually cheaper hotels.

Fly round-trip
Even if you are planning visiting several cities during your trip, try to fly in and out of the same airport.  Cheap flights are easier to find with round trip tickets rather than one-way flights from different cities.

Go camping or backpacking
Save a few days of hotel rates by taking an organized camping trip or backpacking trip.  This is especially appealing in the Amazon, where you can find some interesting guided tours, or in Peru where you can hike up to the Machu Piccu, the “lost city of the Inka’s.”

Travel Last Minute
You can find some amazing deals to South America by booking a last minute plane ticket.  Invite some spontaneity into your life and check out the deals that are out there – you could be in for an unexpected but amazing vacation!

Ask for Discounts
Many hotels will come down on their price if you just ask.  They’d rather have you stay there then switch to another hotel.  Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t, but you have nothing to loose just by asking.

Dine wisely
Try to stay out of the high-end tourist attracting hotels and restaurants.  Get out and explore the cities and the amazing food each offers.  The food is usually cheaper if you explore the city and eat where the locals eat.

Consider a Package Holiday
If you want to see several South American cities in one trip, consider taking a package deal that takes you on guided tours of each city.  Often times, these package deals are designed to be less expensive than if you planned your entire itinerary yourself.

Be flexible with dates
Many times, if you can stay an extra day, extending out beyond a weekend, you can easily find a cheap flight.  Why not stay an extra day or two since you will be saving money on your flight anyway?


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