Travel Information for Air Italy Passengers


Air Italy announced that due to its liquidation, all its flights from February 11 until February 25, 2020 will be operated by “…other carriers at the times and on the days previously scheduled”. Furthermore, Air Italy says that “All passengers who booked flights (outward or return) after February 25, 2020 will be re-protected or fully refunded.” This affects passengers holding Air Italy ticket IG/191.
Air Italy has sent us information proposing travel options for passengers currently holding their tickets. These options are outlined below.

Travel Options

Choose Your Flight Schedule

  • Leave as planned, except you will fly and return on one of Air Italy’s partner carriers.
  • You can also use your original ticket with its terms and conditions remaining in effect.
  • You will leave as planned, except on one of Air Italy’s partner carriers.
  • Use your original ticket for your departure with its terms and conditions remaining in effect.

Please Note:

Air Italy, however, is less clear about your return, only saying that it will provide an alternate flight the details of which will be available on or after February 18 by calling 866-387-6359 in the U.S.

Since there is nothing definite out of Air Italy in this respect, we recommend that you request a refund through us for the return portion of your trip before your return date.

If you have tickets scheduled to travel after February 25th, it is our recommendation that you request a refund of the ticket value because Air Italy has not provided us with definite details of their flight operation and schedule and we cannot guarantee that Air Italy will provide alternate travel options or honor your tickets.

To request a refund:

More Details

Furthermore, if you do not wish to fly on an Air Italy partner carrier or if you do not want the flight alternatives proposed by Air Italy, Air Italy has said that it will provide you with a full refund. Again, contact us in this respect and we will apply on your behalf.
As always, we stand ready to help you rebook your Air Italy flight as necessary.

You can read more about the liquidation at