Celebrate a First

Celebrate a First

Celebrate a First

June 23, 2016

We co-hosted a #CheapOairChat with Travel Junkie, @juliadimon to learn more about what it’s really like to fly with a baby. Though it may be tough for many parents, Julia gave us some awesome insights on how to make your baby’s first flight a breeze!

“My baby boy was just 6 weeks old when I got an assignment and had to fly to Miami for work. Breastfeeding and not willing to leave him at home, I brought him with me! An advocate for family travel, I figured I should live the lifestyle. His first flight went very well. He slept most of the time, nursed and cuddled. Newborns are so portable…best to travel with them a lot before they get too squiggly and start running around. He’s a travel junkie in training.”

Q1: What are some of your favorite family travel destinations?

Australia, NZ, Denmark, France, Italy, Canada. Portland, Denver, Big Sur, New York

Q2: Share a photo of you and your baby traveling!

Q3: What are some essentials for traveling with a baby?

Bumbleride Flite stroller (leightweight, cool cayenne red), Skiphop Chelsea Downtown Chic diaper backpack (fashionable, lots of pockets hands free)

Q4: What are some helpful tips on getting through airport security with a baby?

Wear baby through security, ‘gate-check’ your stroller, run around airport to get out excess energy before flight

Q5: How do you keep the little ones happy during a flight?

Fave snacks, surprise toys to unwrap, crayons, sticker books and activities every 15 minutes

Q6: What are the biggest rewards when traveling with your kids?

Shared experience, education, memories that last a lifetime

Q7: What’s the best way to travel light but still bring all the necessities (e.g., stroller, car seats, etc.)?

For infant travel, Baby’s Away has rentals shipped directly to your final destination. My favorite item was the BOB joggling stroller… lightweight, durable and great for off roading with the kiddos.

Q8: What are your top tips when traveling with a baby?

Take your time, book ahead, go with the flow, turn the unexpected into an adventure

Q9: What are some good resources to turn to if you need a babysitter while traveling?

Personal references from friends or UrbanSitter is the Airbnb of baby sitters. Select a person with lots of reviews and repeat families.

Q10: Last but not least, where do you hope to travel with your kids next?

My husband and I are off to Chicago tomorrow and then to Toronto, with my 2 year old and two month old in tow.

Happy travels!

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Author: David Schoenholtz

David grew up in Saudi Arabia, and has also lived in Kuwait, France, and the US. His work has appeared in global publications, and he's won hundreds of awards.