You’ve probably wondered which is more cost-effective: hailing a taxi to get to the airport, or calling a limo company with a standard fare. I’ve had that dilemma numerous times and ended up catching whatever was available to me at the time.

Here are some travel tips on ways you can access the airport, and the pros and cons:

Taxi: The local taxi fares can vary widely from city to city, but in most instances, the fee to the airport will be a flat fare (with tolls and tips). Since, for the most part, taxis are unionized, the fare will be quite similar within a certain radius. The pros? You can pretty much know what to expect. The cons? Taxi drivers can choose circuitous routes with more tolls and fees in order to jack up the prices. If your driver puts on the meter, monitor the route closely via your GPS.

Car Companies: When you book a sedan from a car company, you know exactly what you’re getting (chances are you can prepay via credit card so there are fewer surprises). The cars are also apt to be cleaner and most will have a clear sign with your name on it too. If you shop around, you can find car service to the airport that’s not outrageously expensive, but generally, expect to pay a small premium for the better-maintained vehicles.

Airport Shuttles: These are generally the least inexpensive option, and they run on a tight time schedule, so be prepared and arrive early. Most airport shuttle services will save you over 60% off a regular taxi fare.

Buses and Trains: If you’re truly looking to go to and from the airport el cheapo, then check your local bus and train listings and be prepared for a long commute! But you can’t beat the prices, for sure, because these options will save you the most money.

When in doubt, always check the traffic, and if it’s rush hour, allow yourself extra time to reach the airport.

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  1. Marcus Coons

    It helped when you mentioned how most fares to the airport have a flat fee when traveling by taxi. It is important to understand this if you need to travel and want to plan your time and money carefully. Personally, I would want to read online reviews in order to find the best taxi services in my area.


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