Travel Tech: You're Never Bored with MyCityWay Travel App

Explore Chicago using MyCityWay


Looking for a mobile resource to scope out and book city tours and activities and check out the nightlife or kid-friendly attractions? MyCityWay’s series of free mobile apps should provide an attractive option to orient you to a particular locale and to fill out the day’s tourism agenda.
Available for iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry mobile devices, MyCityWay offers individual apps for about 40 urban markets across the U.S., Canada, Europe and Asia, the company says.
For example, download the free VegasWay app and you’ll see dining, nightlife, events, tours, Wi-Fi, traffic cameras, beauty & spa, shopping, kids, poker, hotels, weddings, shows, florists, golf  and sightseeing options covered.
While MyCityWay has commercial relationships with many of the venues covered, random checks of some of them showed that the pricing of the activities appeared competitive with similar online offers.
But, whether you are using a mobile app or surfing on the Web, doing your homework and conducting some comparative shopping is always in order.
Many of the most popular tourism destinations, from Vegas to Chicago, and New York City, Los Angeles and San Francisco, have their own MyCityWay apps for travelers and locals.
In addition to options and information about attractions and events, MyCityWay says it provides traffic cams to assist in finding the best routes to exit airports and drive to your destination. It also provides lists compiled by users of the “best holiday window displays and parks to explore for the holidays,” a spokeswoman says.
And, of course, few self-respecting apps would trumpet themselves to travelers unless they offered deals, and the spokeswoman says MyCityWay apps offer Groupons, as well as coupons, for various hotel deals, dining and shopping bargains.

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