Swimming with stingrays in the Caribbean


Off the North Sound of Grand Cayman in the beautiful Cayman Islands is a popular destination called Stingray City.


While considered by some as a “tropical tourist trap”, it is actually one visit worth checking out with a crowd of people in crystal clear waters of the Caribbean Sea.


There are dozens of stingrays swimming in the shallow waters and visitors can interact with them and even get a great travel shot of their own as a souvenir.


Your best options for a chance to “swim with the fishies” include renting a boat or jet ski on your own or purchasing a ticket for a glass bottom boat tour.


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  1. Cayman Islands

    Stingray City has been known to local fishermen for many years.They use to watch the Stingray gather to feed on scraps of fish when they regularly cleaned their catches in this spot. Nearby, the Sandbar has also become a popular recreation spot, especially for families coming by boat on weekends. The great thing about Stingray City in the Caymans, is that the stingrays appeared here naturally after fishermen began washing and cleaning their fish in the calm and shallow waters on the sandbar.


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