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Toronto Zoo Separating 'Gay' Penguins, Flickr: BRJ INC.

 ‘Get Your Freak On!’


The Toronto Zoo is taking it upon themselves to separate two male penguins who’ve appeared to develop a romantic relationship according to the report.
It’s not out of disgust according to reports.  The zoo keepers are looking breed the males with females.
It’s got to the point where two female penguins have been following around the alleged romantically involved males, Pedro, 10, and Buddy, 20.
The new found friends are believed to be joining forces once they’re done inseminating female partners, that’s coming from Bill Rapley, the executive director for conservation, education and wildlife at the zoo.
You can’t stop romance!


Photo: BRJ INC.

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  1. Laurie

    Penquins are getting together after the inseminate females?? what is the zoos problem. The birds appear to be still fulfilling the wishes of their keepers. Obviously this is not an unnatural situation in the wild. Do the other penguins appear to have a problem with the friendship? Maybe they are less homophobic then their keepers. This really can’t be a true story!!!! Maybe Pedro and Buddy are friends?????? It is absurd>


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