Do you have space for just one more New Year’s resolution?

Whatever you’re resolving to quit, or lose, or do, or complete, or change, in this upcoming year—make sure to add travel more to your list!

Here are a few reasons that may convince you to plan a few more trips in 2016!

1.) Feed Your Mind

Tereshchenko Dmitry / Shutterstock

Tereshchenko Dmitry / Shutterstock

Take the plunge and discover what this crazy world has to offer! An exotic vacation to a far off land will broaden your horizons and can change the way you look at your life. Try a local delicacy, or take a wild and adventurous day trip. Seeing new things is great exercise for your mind as well as providing endless opportunities to make your friends jealous when you get home! Not everyone will happily clamber aboard an elephant or eat live insects, but just by encountering a different way of life and embracing a new culture, you’ll exercise your grey matter to the max!

Research related to aging has suggested that travel has the same cerebral benefits as crossword puzzles and museum tours, and in our opinion, is usually way more fun! Go on. Treat yourself to an adventure!

2.) Recharge Your Batteries

Blend Images / Shutterstock

Blend Images / Shutterstock

One of the most common expressions in the workplace is—I need a vacation! It’s often viewed as the solution to all our pent up stress. A few days away from all those meetings and conference calls can indeed, work wonders. A weekend away in a hotel with a pool, or a lazy beach vacation where you plan nothing more advanced than walking from your towel to the oceans edge, can provide just the break you need.  If you are able to leave it all behind, you can physically feel the relaxation vibes recharging your batteries.

Breaking away from your routine will kick-start your body and mind, and prepare you for your return to the workplace—where you can secretly start plotting your next getaway! There’s no shortage of choice when it comes to picking the right beach escape for you!

3.) Create Shared Memories

Monkey Business Images / Shutterstock

Monkey Business Images / Shutterstock

A family vacation will be many things, but most importantly of all, it will always be memorable! Good or bad, rain or shine, there is nothing like shared experience to generate a close bond between people. If you start your kids traveling when they’re young, they’re more likely to travel as they grow older, adding chapter after chapter to their life journey. If some of these experiences involve a family member stepping outside their normal comfort zone and plunging down that for experienced riders only water slide, and losing part of their swimsuit as they splosh into the plunge pool, then that memory will likely live forever—or at least for the next few Thanksgiving get-togethers!

Vacationing with family and friends can be a great way to let loose and just have fun. Enjoy!

4.) Spend Wisely

PathDoc / Shutterstock

PathDoc / Shutterstock

Traveling can be expensive. The flights, the hotel, maybe a car rental? Once you’re there, you’ll want to dine out, embark on tours and trips, buy souvenirs, and perhaps enjoy a drink or two? After all, you’re not going on vacation to hold back are you? Well, there is some good news for your wallet. In recent studies, research has shown that the average price of taking a vacation is going down, as is the price of oil, which can directly affect the price you pay. It’s also the perfect time to visit Europe to take advantage of the current favorable exchange rates! Maybe you can afford those Italian designer shoes after all?

Competition for your business has never been greater as low cost carriers adjust prices to attract higher numbers of bookings. All in all, travel may never be completely easy financially for most of us, but with a little planning, a little online searching for cheap deals, and a little self control—you may be surprised at how good a deal you’re able to find, and we all know how satisfying that is right? Happy shopping!

5.) Visit Friends

Asier Romero / Shutterstock

Asier Romero / Shutterstock

There’s nothing like seeing the smile on the face of an old friend or relative that you haven’t seen for a while. It’s never easy to fit everything in to your busy life, but boy oh boy, when you do manage to visit a loved one, it’s worth every penny! Another great idea, albeit dependent on the recipient’s medical state, is the surprise arrival—I’d also suggest you let someone know you’re coming to improve your odds of anyone other than the goldfish being home, when you knock on the door! Believe me—the surprise becomes all yours when no one answers your knock after returning from a year traveling around the world! (I guess I should have called ahead?)

Reuniting with family or friends can be an incredibly uplifting experience, as well as a great chance to catch up on events, check out each other’s weight gain and/or hair loss, and reminisce about old times. Making the effort to visit can also mean a lot more to those less able to travel.

No matter why, or where, you choose to travel this year, you’ll feel a whole lot better that you did.

Let us know where you’re headed in 2016 and when you get back, let us know how great an experience it was in the comments section below!

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