Top 10 Places to Visit in Frankfurt in Any Season. Photo credit: Salomon10
Finding;cheap flights to Frankfurt can happen in any season, which makes this city such a versatile place to vacation. You’ve got seasonable Fall temperatures, wonderful Winter traditions, Springtime fun and what can be a hot summer in Germany! Whenever you decide to visit Frankfurt, we guarantee you’ll find something memorable to do any time of the year.


1. Zeil
Many might say that Fall weather can be rather unpredictable; It can either be pleasant or awful. This gives you an excellent excuse to enjoy the outdoor/indoor shopping district; Zeil. You can navigate this area and enter stores to avoid possible rain showers. If the weather is nice, you can walk around for hours; trust us, there are enough stores to keep you busy!

2. Börse (Frankfurt Stock Exchange)
With so many financial changes happening in Fall, why not visit the always busy Frankfurt Stock Exchange? This could easily be called the financial heart of Germany. Get a glimpse of the bull and the bear- if you don't know what this means, ask someone in the area! (Hint- it has to do with market trends)

3. Explore: Altstadt or Old Town
While you can visit this site all year round, this historical old center that was partially destroyed during WWII is best during Christmas time. The infamous Christmas markets are located centrally where you can buy trinkets and enjoy traditional German food, like bratwurst.

4. Enjoy Glühwein
While you’re at the Christmas markets, don’t forget to try Glühwein, or mulled wine. Temperatures can get nippy during the winter season, so a nice mug of hot wine will warm you up as you explore the Old Town.


5. Day Trip down the Rhine Valley
Frankfurt may be famous as a big city, but its Rhine Valley brings tourism to this UNESCO world heritage site. Imagine picturesque vineyards and villages with view of German splendor? Take a boat tour down the Rhine (The river) to top off the experience.

6. Lange Nacht der Museen  (Long Night of Museums)
Try to think about the film: "A Night at the Museum", minus everything coming to life. For one night a year, most of Frankfurt's museums are open all night long. You can even take special buses to make a tour out of your P.M. museum experience.


7. Palmengarten
Looking for a spot to relax after a busy day of sightseeing? Germans love spending their summers at the Palmengarten; a 50 acre garden of greenhouses and tropical floraMany activities include enjoying the lush greenery, renting a boat on the lake and mini golf.

8. Rhinsteig
Get your hiking boots on and go beyond the city borders out to the Rhinsteig. This trail takes you along the elevated bank of the Rhine River through woodlands, challenging peaks and breathtaking views. (Literally, you'll be out of breath!)


Any Season

9. Frankfurt Main Tower
Call this the attraction you must see- as long as the weather is cooperating. Take a trip up to the 56th floor of the Main Tower to get a 360-degree view of Frankfurt. You’ll be a part of the “Mainhattan” skyline; since Frankfurt gets its skyscraper inspiration from a little familiar place called Manhattan.

10. Hotel Hessischer Hof
When in Frankfurt, there are numerous hotels that will house your stay, but go for the grandest experience at the Hotel Hessischer Hof. This outstanding 5-star hotel is furnished with actually personal collections of the Royal Hesse family. Best of all, you’re within walking distance to many Frankfurt attractions.


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Photo credit: salomon10 

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