The show will go on at the New York City Opera (CC Flickr credit: Tom in NYC)
The show will go in for the New York City Opera


Despite recent contract disputes, the New York City Opera will premiere as scheduled in 2012, according to the New York Daily News.


A tentative three-year agreement was reached Wednesday that will ensure the company’s “La Traviata” kicks off on time at the Brooklyn Academy of Music’s Gilman Opera House on February 12.


The report is welcome relief for the Big Apple arts scene and opera fans boarding flights to New York City. Before Wednesday, it appeared much of the opera season could be serious jeopardy.


Despite the apparent resolution, the labor dispute with unions is a sign of the times for the struggling New York City Opera. Due to high operating costs, the opera was forced from its long-time home at the Lincoln Center last year.


Source: New York Times

CC Flickr photo credit: Tom in NYC

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