The Future is Now: We're About to Become Superhumans. Photo Credit: ExtremeTech has released a headset that will overclock our minds, turning us all into a bunch of geniuses. The brain-stimulating tDCS headset improves reaction time by sending jolts of electricity through your prefrontal cortex, increasing your ability to pick up new skills, and boosting your focus and reaction time.


tDCS stands for transcranial direct current stimulation. Basically, the device pours electrodes into your brains, exciting your neurons so they can fire faster. Even better, when the current is removed, your neurons retain additional neuroplasticity. That means they can make connections more easily, helping you pick up new skills without the headset on.


The FCC-approved headset uses only a small amount of current and comes with little risk. Although originally intended for video-game players, it can have much farther reaches than just the gaming world. According to ExtremeTech, some studies show benefits for both Parkinson’s and stroke patients. A group of researchers also used it to release powerful opioid painkillers. The device could even reduce car accidents by increasing a driver’s reaction time, increase the focus time of researchers and students, and generally just turn us into superhumans with lightening-fast reflexes.


Readers, the future has arrived.


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(H/t: ExtremeTech)

(Photo Credit: ExtremeTech) 


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