The Best Place for a Hot Dog in Reykjavik, IMG Cred: Tom Johansmeyer

“The Mustard has a Unique Taste”


Iceland is known for seafood. There’s a large fishing community, which you can tell from the menus at local restaurants. While in Reykjavik, you’d be nuts not to dine on the likes of minke whale and lobster. But you should also get a hot dog.
I’m not joking.
Located by the harbor in Reykjavik, Baejarins Beztu is a local institution and an international phenomenon. The small kiosk is big enough only for the employee serving up the grub, and the outside seating won’t do you much good in January. Don’t let that stop you: take a glove off and eat standing up. It’s worth it.
The hot dogs at Baejarins beztu do not disappoint. They are boiled (in all honesty, I do prefer grilled), but they snap when you bite into them. The dogs are longer than the buns – a necessity – and throw off steam even when the weather starts to get a little warmer in Reykjavik. The first bite is truly delightful.
You can order your hot dogs with several toppings, including mustard, ketchup, onions and slaw. I strongly suggest that you get at least one with nothing but mustard, and there’s a good reason for this: it’s incredible. The mustard has a unique taste to it (I think I detected a hint similar to cheese, but it’s hard to pinpoint). I guess this means you should order at least two!
At roughly $2.50 each, Baejarins beztu offers up what is doubtless the cheapest meal in Reykjavik, and it’s only a short walk from most downtown hotels. If you still don’t think it’s a mandatory stop, keep in mind that a U.S. president made time to visit Baejarins beztu – you’ll see a picture of Bill Clinton chomping into a Baejarins beztu hot dog hanging inside the kiosk. Franky, I can’t think of a better endorsement!


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Photo: Tom Johansmeyer

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