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Explore the Best of Barcelona!

There is so much to do in so little time if you happen to be spending your vacation in Barcelona. Even if you're fortunate enough to spend more time in this city, there is always a reason to come back. That alone said, finding reasons to return isn't difficult, but choosing the creme de la creme of attractions truly is. We've got the best of Barcelona in less time than it takes to figure out the Metro map!

Port Vell: Cities like Rotterdam and Antwerp are globally recognized as port cities, but little do most people know that Barcelona is famous for one as well. Translated to "Old Harbor,” this waterfront port and district was built as an urban redevelopment zone before the 1992 Barcelona Olympics. The results are fascinating; it has become a hot spot for all to enjoy. It's a focal point with the recognizable Maremagnum mall, IMAX Theater, Europe's largest aquarium and of course, a breathtaking waterfront.

Monument Colon: With close proximity to Port Vell, the best view of the waterfront can also come from above. Climb up the Columbus Monument; a near almost 200-foot tall sculpture dedicated to Christopher Columbus. The site is famous for where Columbus returned to Spain after his first voyage to the Americas. Not only is the sculpture impressive in its intricate design, the view from the top on a clear day makes you feel like a bird in flight.

Toree Agbar: As the city of Barcelona modernized and developed in the 20th century, so did its architecture. This strange tower located in the new technological district of Barcelona is a sight to see. Built in 2005 by a French designer, it is a classic example of high-tech art. Owned by Agbar group, it is most recognize for its nocturnal illumination of over 4,000 LED lights. Though misunderstood and thought to be too modern at first, it is now one of Barcelona's famous landmarks.

Castell Montjuic: Even modern cities hold on to historical pieces that exemplify its rich history. The Castell Montjuic is one of these unique sites that tell a grand history. Located on the high mountain of Montijuic is the huge fortress. It dates back to 1640 in Medieval Barcelona where troops defended their proud city.  Today it offers another beautiful view of Barcelona and the sea and even a do it yourself walking tour among the old ruins. The site is maintained with lush gardens restored pieces that retell the military history.

Sagrada Familia: If there is one attraction most recognized with the city of Barcelona, it is the Sagrada Familia. Designed by famous Catalan architect, Antoni Gaudi, it is an incomplete work of art which is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The awe inspiring Gothic design simply indescribable; it is extremely detailed and crafted as a work of what is called God's creation. This Roman Catholic Church is a proud symbol of Catalan faith, history and a prominent future once this spectacular work of art is completed.

Photo: joachim s. mueller

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    Barcelona is really amazing. Have been a little less than a week and hardly managed to see the must see sights.:) Please check out the Barcelona photos I made during my stay – any feedback appreciated. Cheers!


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