The headline pretty much sums it up, however it is still pretty confusing as to why a move in the earth's magnetic pole, which is moving toward Russia, will affect of all places – Tampa International Airport.

No don't check your calendar, it is not April Fool's Day. But this study released by scientists this week has many puzzled to say the least. 

The airport is shut down through January 13 as workers repaint numeric designators at each end and signs are replaced to reflect the shift in location due to, yes, the Earth's magnetic north pole. 

While some (or none) of this might make sense to you, we just thought we would let you know about the changes so that the next time you walk through Tampa's airport, you dont think to yourself, "has there been a gradual shift of the Earth's magnetic pole and no one informed me about it?"

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  1. rich biggio

    i said almost 2 years ago that a shift in the poles was coming by 2012. while it may seem like coincidence, the poles have always moved on a cycle, the next time was nearing. they said it was a 9° shift, look how much stuff cant survive outside of its 3° band, plants and animals alike. just recently we’ve had several large flocks of canadian snow geese flying back up here in NY.


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