No one wants to be stressed on vacation, especially for things that could have been avoided —had you known. Both large and small groups can be tough to accommodate when dealing with different opinions and preferences. For the perfect stress-free resort stay, we’ve rounded up some obvious, but common things most travelers forget about when in paradise.

Read on to learn something new or to be reminded of the things you probably won’t remember once the excitement kicks in when you land at your destination.

Inquire About Service Charges

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What most travelers don’t realize are the service fees attached to every bill at resorts. If you always tip the waiters at restaurants, why shouldn’t you have to leave a tip with the staff on your vacation, too? Two words: service charge. Before you purchase anything at your resort, inquire with the staff to find out about the resorts service charges. These extra fees go to the hotel staff as a tip that’s already included with your total bill. Some places include charges for every purchase over a certain amount, but that varies with each resort. So, when you get handed any check whether it be for a snack or for a meal, look at the charges towards the bottom of the receipt to be sure gratuity wasn’t already added in. There’s no worse feeling than receiving your bill at the end of a great trip to learn that you’ve spent double the amount in service fees because you failed to realize it was included the whole time. Been there, done that — lesson learned!

Food and Beverage Will Cost You

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You may not think so, but those water bottles you’ve been charging to the room will add up, along with the meals and snacks you swipe the room key with each day. If you’re headed to a popular tourist resort, odds are a water bottle will cost $5-$10. If you’re going somewhere warm, the resort will probably have free water stations for guests to stay hydrated. With that said, bring an insulated water bottle with you to refill and to keep your water cold, rather than buying a bottle of water every time you’re thirsty.

Do you eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day when you’re not on vacation? If not, try to save your cash and wait for lunch. We know, when you’re on vacation it’s the perfect excuse to treat yourself, but at some resorts, that unlimited breakfast buffet can cost you a pretty penny. We’re not suggesting you go starving. Simply think about what’s necessary and what’s not.

Ask the Staff for Anything You Need


From the minute you book flight deals and your resort, the hotel concierge should be able to assist you with any reservations you’d like to make. Things like arranging a car to pick you up from the airport, reservations to restaurants and hotel accommodations, they’re there to help you. For the travelers who like to venture out of the resort, ask the concierge for recommendations on where to go and what to do. And, if you come across any issues with your stay don’t stress it! Concierge is there to ensure you have the best experience possible.

Your Itinerary Has Something for Everyone

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The worst mistake to make is making a jam-packed itinerary. Give yourself some downtime to either rest or do something you didn’t expect to do like jet skiing or off-roading. Keep the itinerary small and only include the must-do activities. It’s better to play things by ear so you’re not stressed-out making all your reservations on time. While on vacation you’re bound to be tired, so don’t plan a dinner for every night at a certain time. Instead, make the plan as the days go by, you may even come across a local favorite you’d like to try.

Have any other things to keep in mind when staying at a resort? Tell us in the comments below! 

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