Nearby Eyjafjallajokull volcano in Iceland



After a volcano eruption Saturday night in southern Iceland, scientists are preparing to fly over the country in order to ensure that it is safe for residents to return home.


Roughly 500 people were evacuated after Iceland's Eyjafjallajokull volcano exploded over the weekend, spreading both ash and molten lava nearby.


This was the volcano's first eruption in 189 years when it had a slow and steady eruption that lasted for two years.


Sunday night some locals were allowed to go home, but many are still being told to wait it out until the government can guarantee their safety.


Keflavík International Airport was shut down for both domestic and international flights due to the threat of volcanic ash in the air. Flights have since returned to normal and the Iceland airport is not reporting any cancellations or delays.


Fortunately no one was injured due to the volcano's sudden eruption.


Source: All Headline News

Image: Wikimedia



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