Puerto Rico Taste Success from 'The Rum Diar,' Flickr: Andy Templeton

The Pirate Leads to Gold

Puerto Rico is drinking in tons of success thanks to Johnny Depp’s latest film, The Rum Diary.

The film, which was shot in Puerto Rico over 49 days, brought in close to $20 million in ‘economic activity’ according to the Breaking Travel News report.  It also made an additional 200 jobs and an astonishing 6,000 hotel room nights.

Barry Waldman, the executive producer of such films as Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides and Bad Boys II commented in the report on what Puerto Rico brings to the film industry.

“The local crew, people and incentives added up to a great experience.” Said Waldman. “I hope to one day shoot an entire movie in Puerto Rico.”
Puerto Rico is also looking to expand on its film law.

The region is looking to do so and make such projects like documentaries, film shorts, music videos among other ideas free to film in Puerto Rico.

Better get those flights to Puerto Rico in before it becomes a Mecca for the film industry.


Photo: Andy Templeton


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  1. Irma

    This is magnificent, probably as a result of Marc Anthony and JL’s great contribution of recent. Keep it coming!!!!!!! Our economy can use it. Love from a Puertorican that was born and raised there


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