Flying is supposed to be easy. But when you’re scrunched
into those teeny, tiny seats, the people around you can really be the make or
break of an otherwise happy flight.

So, in the interest of everyone getting through this cramped
ride in the sky, let’s all agree to follow these ground rules, mmkay?

1.) Don’t talk my ear off.

We’ve all been there—you’re settling in for a nice in-flight
nap, when Chatty McChatterbox plops down next to you. Cue the eye rolls and the
desperate attempts to escape their constant stream of pointless small talk. Don’t
be that person. Instead, let’s exchange quick pleasantries and spend the rest
of the flight in silence.

2.) Don’t recline into my lap.


We get it. Everyone will recline those tiny chairs. We’re
not telling you not to. But please don’t recline them all the way into the row
behind you? Not cool.

3.) If you’ve got the coveted aisle seat, don’t fall asleep
with your tray table down.


You, dear aisle-seat-sitter, have the responsibility to let
everyone else sitting in your row get up whenever they please. Falling asleep
with your tray table down makes you a barricade. And that’s clearly negligent
of your responsibilities. Shape up.

4.) No snuggling, please.

My shoulder is not a pillow. Don’t treat it like one.

5.) And finally, don’t hog the armrests, the legroom, or the
overhead luggage bin.


Space is precious on an airplane, and sharing is caring.

What airplane etiquette rules do you think we should all
abide by? Tell us below!

Photo Credit: caribb, (id) Xposed Photography, Tony Crider, KobyMaxwell

[H/T to Gawker.]

Hannah Winsten is a staff writer for the Miles Away blog.

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