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"Elmo and Cookie Monster," CC Flickr photo credit: Alejandro Mallea
NYPD: costumed characters can stay in Times Square for now


They’ve become a common sight for travelers arriving on flights to New York City: costumed characters like Minnie Mouse and Elmo posing with passersby hoping to make a buck or two.

But a crackdown by the NYPD earlier this year threatened the future of Times Square’s furry friends for good.

After some complaints, cops began handing out fines and even arresting a few of the characters on charges of disrupting traffic and panhandling.

The NYPD has recently changed its tune on the ‘toons, however, according to a report in the New York Daily News. The po-po have reportedly agreed to leave the characters alone as long as they don’t create further disruptions (traffic or otherwise) at the crossroads of the universe.


What do you think? Should the cops crack down or leave Elmo and co. alone? Let us know with a comment!


CC Flickr photo credit: Alejandro Mallea

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