"Broadway Ave New York City: Walkways," CC Flickr photo credit: Craig Dietrich
Take in a Haiku before taking a hike in New York City


The New York City Department of Transportation is turning to poetry to promote pedestrian safety. The DOT has launched “Curbside Haiku,” a program that will install hundreds of special signs at high-traffic areas around the city.


Each sign features a cautionary haiku warning pedestrians about the dangers of disobeying traffic laws. Each “five-seven-five” poem is accompanied by a thematic graphic representation of its content. Both the artwork and the poems were created by New York artist John Morse.


Travelers arriving on flights to New York City should see the signs popping up in the coming weeks. For a sneak peak, check out an article on the signs at TransportationNation.org.


Here at CheapOair, we never shy away from a chance at writing poetry. So here’s our contribution to the program:


You should look both ways.

Look left, look right, left again.

It’s OK to cross.


CC Flickr photo credit: Craig Dietrich

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