Traveling on a budget in the New Year?
Traveling on a budget in the New Year? These tips can help you save


Looking for some warm getaways for the New Year as temperatures continue to plummet?


Take heart, not every getaway needs to set you back $1,000 per person. Here are some travel tips and getaway strategies that can help you save, even as the holiday passenger traffic continues to rise.


East Coast Travel Tips& Destinations:


The temperatures on the East Coast (especially the Northeast) are dipping, and I couldn’t be more sympathetic about bundling up when the mind is somewhere warm and far away.


Luckily, there are some great travel deals from the East Coast to places as varied as Cancun, Mexico and Kingston, Jamaica (we’re taking around $300 per person, round trip).


It’s better to pick dates that are not too competitive so you can get better airfares and avoid the crowds (and potentially flight delays and cancellations). So, if you can schedule your vacation until after New Year’s, or at least the return leg of your trip until January, you’re already ahead of the crowd.


West Coast Travel Tips& Destinations:


Now may be as good a time to explore Las Vegas as any. There are plenty of cheap flights from Los Angeles to Las Vegas (some for around just $100 roundtrip) that can give you that three or four day break you’re looking for.


Another place to visit –inexpensively – from the West Coast is Vancouver, Canada. Vancouver is perfect for those looking to escape to somewhere with some fine powder and ideal skiing conditions. If you’d really like to trek a bit further, the west coast is a good point of departure to head out to Asia and even to the South Pacific.


If you can take some time off after New Year’s, that’s the better time to head out because fares historically peak around the holidays. Another way to save without sacrificing quality is to book your hotel rooms in advance and always monitor our cheap deals on 4 start hotel rooms so you can put together a luxury trip for less.


There are some terrific hotel rates available for Mexico this season, including ones in Punta Cana, Puerto Vallarta as well as in San Jose, Costa Rica.

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