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New Museum Exhibit Allows You to Get Naked, Flickr: Liao Ming Chen

New Museum


If you think museums are boring than you need to make a trip to the Carsten Höller’s funhouse exhibition at the New Museum in New York City, it opened Tuesday.

Höller is a German artist whose latest exhibit has some talking about it like “It’s kind of sadistic and very Will Wonka.”

If you’re in town off a New York flight, head over to the museum for some original fun.

You’ll have a mirrored carousel to indulge in, upside-down goggles to place on your face, or at least try to.  On top of that, you can submerge yourself into a sensory deprivation tank, but you must get naked to participate.

And I can’t forget to mention a corkscrew slide!

How’s that sound for a museum exhibit?

Source: New York Times

Photo: Liao Ming Chen

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