Metropolitan Museum in New York City
Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City



While tourism was down in 2009, you wouldn't know it if you were at a museum last year. According to a report by the Associated Press, all across the United States, many top museums saw an increase in foot traffic thanks to more travelers deciding to stay closer to home when on vacation.


While the phrase "staycation" is banned in my house, many people opted to do just that over the last 12 months due to financial strains.


A study by the American Association of Museums revealed that institutions both large and small saw bumps in attendance, with the 481 museums in the survey showing an increase of more than 57% in 2009. 


The rise in attendance is not that surprising as history shows when the times are tough for the country, people flock to cheaper attractions like museums and parks.


The news is not all good for museums as many are in financial distress and in much need of funds. Ticket prices to museums across the country averaged $7 per person, which is much more attractive to the wallet than checking out a movie or concert.


Source: Associated Press/USA Today

Image: Wikimedia


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  1. Seamus

    Love visiting a museum and luckily I live in New York where there are just so many great ones.


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