From the "you can't make this stuff up" column, a man was detained at Mexico City's international airport after authorities noticed a "mysterious bulge" under his clothes.


Well he was not happy to see them, instead there were 18 tiny endangered monkeys strapped to the man's body via a girdle.  This story makes the heads found in a duffel bag a few weeks ago seem normal.


Roberto Cabrera, 38, arrived Friday from Lima, Peru, when airport security noticed the bulge and performed a body search that revealed 18 6" titi monkeys in various pouches strapped to the girdle. Two of the monkeys were dead. 


Cabrera has been charged with trafficking an endangered species.  Cabrera defended his weird behavior by telling police that he transported the monkeys from a suitcase to his clothes in under to avoid radiation from the X-ray machines.



Source: CNN

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