Floating golf anyone?


A floating 18-hole golf course could be the next big attraction for high-end travelers as one is currently in the works for the Maldive Islands in the Indian Ocean.  The
planned floating golf course would be situated just five minutes from Malé
International Airport to give guests easy access.


Each of the holes would be atop a floating platform that contains two to three holes each. You would get from one platform to the next via a series of underwater tunnels. Hotels would be available as well according to a Wired Uk article. 


The project is estimated to cost upwards of $500 million and could be completed as early as 2015. Troon Golf would help design the course; Waterstudio would construct the project to be playable on water and Dutch Docklands would lend a hand in creating the floating holes.


The project is supposedly environmentally friendly, with all of it being powered by solar energy. To help make this dream project become a reality, the Maldives government is looking to increase tourism to the islands, which is easily the biggest contributor the the Maldives' economy. 





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