London commute is a nightmare today due to tube strike


The London Underground has been hit with yet another strike due to unhappy workers walking off the job over planned job cuts. Millions of commuters were stuck figuring out how to navigate the city of London this morning as thousands of workers went on their third 24-hour strike in the last month.


Employees are outraged over the company’s plan to do away with 800 jobs. Workers believe that number will rise to 2,000 when all is said and done.  Over 80 tube stations will be closed Wednesday according to the Transport for London (TFL).


Even though the closing of that many stations sounds like a nightmare for commuters, the TFL is insisting that London is not facing any travel issues and that 40 percent of the trains are operating normally.


This is the third tube strike to hit London since September. With roughly 3 million people use the service daily, London is losing tens of millions of pounds each day.


Source: AP 

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