London to Get Most International Visitors

In research done by MasterCard, London is expected to land the most international tourists this year.

The 2012 Olympic game host should have around a little over 20 million incoming passengers in 2011.

Paris came in second at 18.1 million, Bangkok finished third, while NYC was the only US City to make the top 20 in MasterCard’s research at 7.6 million incoming visitors.

Here is the complete breakdown:

2011’s most popular cities (international arrivals)

1 London (20.1m)
2 Paris (18.1m)
3 Bangkok (11.5m)
4 Singapore (11.4m)
5 Hong Kong (10.9m)
6 Madrid (10.1m)
7 Istanbul (9.4m)
8 Frankfurt (8.4m)
9 Dubai (7.9m)
10 Rome (7.9m)
11 Seoul (7.9m)
12 New York (7.6m)
13 Amsterdam (7.4m)
14 Kuala Lumpur (6.9m)
15 Milan (6.7m)
16 Barcelona (6.7m)
17 Vienna (6.2m)
18 Shanghai (5.5m)
19 Taipei (5.4m)
20 Tokyo (5.0m)


Word on how results came about wasn't disclosed.


Source: Breaking Travel News

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