Whether you’re looking for great tea shops or some fun pubs to visit on your next flight to London, you might want to check out the travel video above. If your appetite for London still isn’t satisfied than you might want to check out our own London Travel Guide

video source: VisitBritain.TV

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  1. Richard Sauerheber

    Very good introduction video. Thank you. My daughter is only in her 20’s and has already visited London. I still haven’t had the opportunity to go. If I went I would want to see Cambridge University and Woolsthorpe and all other things relating to Isaac Newton. I am a scientist with contributions in math and physics that have been Newton-based. Also seeing the Magna Carta and the British Museum I think woulde be excellent. I have collaborated with scientists from England who came to America to visit and work with me and I have a student now who attends the University of London.


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