The World’s Highest Bungee Jump, Flickr: georgio

If you have been following our blog as of late, you will notice that we have two crazy travelers running all over China trying to find the most adventurous excursions available. Therefore, next on Todd and Max’s “Traveler of the Year adventure list” is the world’s highest bungee jump; I mean why not, right?

Macau Tower, in Macau, China, measures in at a whopping 1108 ft., which is as tall as the Eiffel Tower to put it in perspective! Apparently, there is no other bungee jump like it in the world. It has a specially designed cord system that allows you to fall 20 seconds and 764 ft. before bouncing back around 100 ft. above ground. There are two ways you can take the plunge: BungeeJump, fearlessly free fall and bounce back, or SkyJump, where you descend at a slower pace with no rebounding or inverting. Of course, Todd will be launching off fearlessly!

For those who don’t have the nerve to walk off the ledge, you can still test your fear of heights by experiencing the Skywalk X. This challenge lets you walk to the outer rim of the tower (strapped in), still at 764 ft. with no handrails! I just got a little anxious even typing that.  After conquering your limitations, cross another line by climbing up the Tower Climb to the very top at 1108 ft.

Rate estimates as follows: BungeeJump $2,488, SkyJump $1,888, Skywalk X $688, Tower Climb $2,488.

Well, if your heart isn’t beating loudly in your chest like mine, just stay tuned for Todd’s first-hand experience of his jump! Don’t worry, we YouTubed “macau tower accidents” to no avail. ]

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photo: georgio

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