Times are tough for many in this struggling economy. However 10 stewardesses that worked for troubled Mexicana Airlines, which filed for bankruptcy and ceased operations last August, have decided to make some pesos on their own.

The women collectively launched a provocative aviation-themed calendar just in time for the holiday season. The 2011 calendar features the 10 women in teeny bikinis and sunglasses with outfits that resemble stewardess (however I have yet to fly for an airline with outfits like these).

The first batch of calendars instantly sold out (shocker), with thousands more being printed to help with the demand. So now you know what to get the traveler in your life that seems to have everything.

The 89-year-old airline suffered heavy losses due to Mexico’s
recession last year and from less tourists visiting the country due to negative media attention from the outbreak of swine flu and drug wars.

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