JetBlue will offer additional “Boston All” passes through Thursday night


JetBlue is now offering additional unlimited “BluePasses” out of Boston Logan International Airport after the first batch sold out in just one week. The discount airline originally announced the “BluePass” last month, offering three months of unlimited travel during a three-month period beginning Monday, August 22.


The passes come in three tiered price levels out of Boston Logan and Long Beach International airports. The most expensive of the passes, which grants unlimited Boston flights to all JetBlue destinations for just $1,999, sold out a week after going on sale.


Responding to demand, the airline announced Wednesday that it would once again offer the “Boston All” pass through Thursday night. “Boston Select” and “Long Beach All” passes remain on sale until August 31, or “while supplies last.”


The passes are seen in the industry as a modified version of the wildly popular “All You Can Jet” promotion which JetBlue first ran in 2009 but ended (to much disappointment) in 2011.


Source: The Washington Post

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