Ice Wine Martini: The Best Cocktail in Quebec, Flickr: craighatfield

Ice Wine Martinis


As soon as I finished my first one, I had to have another. Seduced by the view of Quebec from the Chateau Frontenac , the anticipation of a decadent meal and the effects of my first ice wine martini, I summoned the waiter. Soon enough, another was in front of me. I shudder at the thought of how many I consumed before switching to straight ice wine at the end of the meal.

The ice wine martini was the most amazing I’ve had, and it’s among the tastiest cocktails I’ve sipped anywhere in the world. Five years later, it comes back to mind fast, and I can’t wait to get back up to Quebec for another.

The experience, of course, is part of the thrill. The Chateau Frontenac is a Quebec landmark. The hotel itself is dripping with luxury, as you’ll see from the moment you walk in. While I didn’t stay there on my trip, opting for a less expensive hotel, many suggested that I head over for a drink, if not for dinner. Because I saved some money on the room, I decided to splurge on a meal, and I didn’t feel a shred of regret.

Seated in this rich environment, you lift the heavy menu and peruse the delights that are on it, with no option standing out because so many are attractive. The moment becomes easier, however, when the waiter brings over your vodka martini, served with a thin layer of ice wine. One sip makes you put the menu down and focus intently on what’s happening in your mouth. The ice wine adds a new dimension to what would otherwise be a pleasurable martini. The experience is nearly overwhelming.

Before you know it, the glass is empty. You wonder where the drink went. So, you order another.

The ice wine martinis go down comfortably – and quickly. Don’t let your initial excitement lead you to a quick conclusion. Follow this path, and you’ll be four martinis in before the appetizer arrives. Pace yourself, and exercise some restraint: it’s for your own good.

A trip to Quebec is not complete without a meal at the Chateau Frontenac (or a stay, for that matter – I’ve seen some excellent rates on CheapOair). Find an evening, as the sun is setting, to head over to the Frontenac for an ice wine martini. Revel in the experience, and enjoy one of my favorite cocktails.

Make your next Quebec vacation one filled with ice wine martinis!

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photo: craighatfield

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