How to Sneak in a Yoga Session on the Go. Photo credit: Lynn Friedman
Traveling is stressful and being stuck at an airport isn't
fun either. But you can beat back muscle tension and relieve anxiety by
grabbing just 10 to 15 minutes on a yoga mat. Forgot your yoga mat, you say? Or
maybe you've never even done yoga. Not to worry. Anyone of any age, including
children, can enjoy and benefit from yoga, and airports want to help.

Airports are starting to offer meditation and yoga rooms
equipped with mats to help weary travelers refocus and recharge. A free space
to practice yoga is one of the many new amenities (like free wifi and spa
services) airports are giving travelers as more people spend more time in
airports. Teachers and classes are not provided at the airport studios; you're
doing yoga at your own pace and risk. However, beginners to pros will benefit
from sneaking in a few downward dogs, warrior poses and other types of
stretches before boarding their plane.


San Francisco
International Airport

Formerly a storage room, the yoga room at Terminal 2 at the San
Francisco International Airport
opened last year to very positive
reviews. The small, 150-square-foot room has mirrored walls, a few chairs and
yoga mats, and no televisions. Leave your cell phones, shoes, food or drink at
the door for this is where folks come to unwind and enjoy the silence. There
are no instructors on hand, but even doing just a few simple stretches while
waiting for your flight can do your body wonders.


International Airport

Burlington, Vermont, is a small city with big community
support for its new yoga room at  Burlington
International Airport
. Evolution Yoga
in Burlington sponsors the room, which was also built thanks to donations from
local businesses. The yoga studio opened earlier this year, and there's a
family bathroom with a shower located near the Observation Tower.


Dallas Fort Worth

Near Gate D40 in the hallway connecting Terminals B and D is
a little oasis known as the Dallas Fort
Worth Airport Yoga Studio.
 The area
is not exactly a room but an area facing out large windows lined with plants that
is cordoned off from air traveler traffic. The space is equipped with free mats
and hand sanitizer, and is protected by a privacy screen, so don't worry about
feeling on display. Yeehaw and namaste!


Yoga on Your Own

If you're traveling through an airport that doesn't have a
designated yoga space—and most don't yet—you can still perform a few yoga
stretches on your own without studios or mats. Poses such as getting on all
fours and doing alternating stretches called "Cat/Cow Pose,"
stretching your back before a flight by going into downward dog or child's
pose, or trying a "Warrior" pose can do wonders for your muscles,
especially if you've got a long flight ahead of you. Learn
about beginner yoga poses, and how just a little stretching between
flights can go a long way. 


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Photo credit: Lynn Friedman 

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