Save on travel before you arrive for that Thanksgiving feast


The unofficial kick off to the holiday season is finally here. In just a few short weeks millions of Americans will travel around the nation to celebrate Thanksgiving.


But before you daydream of stuffing your face with tons of turkey and plenty of pie, you need to book cheap airfare as soon as possible as ticket prices will continue to climb as the days draw near to turkey day.


Here are five ways to find cheap Thanksgiving airfare:


1) Arrive late, depart early: Most travelers depart for their long Thanksgiving on the Monday or Tuesday before the holiday and then head back on that Sunday or even Monday in some cases.  However if you are strapped for cash, but still want to visit family for a big dinner, think about departing on an early morning Thanksgiving Day (which is by far the cheapest day to fly). Also instead of returning on that Sunday or Monday, get out of town early with a Friday or Saturday flight. Chances are not only will ticket prices be lower, but you find less people at the airport. It's a win, win!


2) Sign up for a newsletter: Let's face it, you're busy with work, family and other activities. So the last thing you have time to do is sit online searching for the lowest fare possible for Thanksgiving travel. So instead of banging your head against the computer, let the deals come to you. By signing up for a travel site's newsletter, you will practically get the best advertised (and in some case unadvertised) deals sent directly to your inbox.


3) Use technology to your advantage: While newsletters provide you with plenty of great deals, other options that could wind up saving you big bucks on travel can be found via social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. From exclusive travel deals to promotional codes, plenty of hotels, airlines and other travel companies are providing simple ways to help you spend less this holiday season.


4) Airline Miles: Have miles sitting around? Use them! While it may be a bit tricky to cash in on the miles around the holiday season, it is definitely not impossible. Just make sure you do not wait until the last minute or you could wind up pay extra fees for procrastinating. 


5) Small airport could mean big savings: If the destination you are flying into has a smaller airport, check out fares for landing there instead. Not only will you find yourself with less people to deal with in the airport upon arrival or departure, but you may just find yourself sitting on a cheaper flight. I recently book a fare from New York's JFK Airport to Chicago and found that if I flew into Midway, the lesser used airport, over O'Hare, my ticket would be $100 cheaper. 

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