We’re in love, we’re in love and we don’t care who knows it! With the holiday season comes probably our favorite part: amazingly decadent Christmas trees! All over the world, cities welcome the holidays with towering pines in an ode to the winter celebration. Take a peek (we promise Santa won’t mind) at these extravagant and beautiful Christmas trees from around the globe!

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Yup. That’s an electric tree floating in a huge lake. We can dig it.

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Frankfurt, Germany

Take a break from the largest Christmas market in all of Germany to soak up the mad holiday vibes this tree gives off.

Melbourne, Australia

No white Christmas in the dead of summer — but Melbourne’s Fed Square did get a pretty cool LEGO tree, so…

Venice, Italy

Italian food + an amazing view of a Christmas tree in a historic square? Count us in.

New York City, USA

45,000 individual twinkle lights adorn this iconic Spruce. It’s lit.

London, England

In the giving spirit of Christmas, Norway has donated a tree to the people of London every year since World War II.

Tokyo, Japan

The whole town lights up for Christmas — and at the center of it all? This magnificent tree. Tokyo, we’re comin’ for you.

Paris, France

Hanging from the domed ceiling of the posh Galeries Lafayette, we wouldn’t expect anything less from the French than this chic ode to Christmas.

Abu Dhabi, UAE

There’s over $11 million worth of jewels on there, so don’t go filching any ornaments.

Vatican City, Italy

Do we love gelato? Does the Pope have a huge Christmas tree on his front lawn? Yup.

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Dresden, Germany

The Dresden Christmas market is the oldest documented one in the world — this year marks its 582nd birthday!

Which towering tree do you want to see the most? Let us know in the comments below!

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