In anticipation of its season-two launch, HBO’s Boardwalk Empire is teaming up with the New York MTA in a teaser campaign.

Eager fans hardly need incentive reminders about the much awaited premier on September 25th, but die-hards in New York are being rewarded with an early taste and some freebies.

Leading up to the show’s launch, starting Saturday and running weekends through September, 1920’s vintage subway trains will roll down Manhattan’s 2 and 3 lines, in a nod to the show which takes place in 1920 at the start of the prohibition, when the sale of alcohol became illegal and New York bars became speakeasies.

Then on September 24th and 25th things will really get wild when free MetroCards are handed out to passengers at the 2 and 3 stations in Times Square and 72nd Street.

Grab cheap flights to New York and cash in on the Boardwalk Empire action. Early sneak previews promise another season of twists and turns and the advertising tagline “Know who’s behind” hints at betrayal. Looks like Nucky, Atlantic City’s ruler, equal parts politician and gangster, will need to watch his back with both friends and enemies.

From Terence Winter, Emmy award winning writer of The Sopranos and director Martin Scorsese, Boardwalk Empire debuted last September with the most expensive pilot episode in TV’s history at a whopping $18M. Year two for the Golden Globe winner promises more high quality action. For a sneak preview of what the new season bring will bring, check out the Boardwalk Empire Season 2 trailer below.


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