An Aloha shirt shop in Oahu (Flickr: sshreeves)
An Aloha shirt shop in Oahu, Hawaii


Suffering through the summer heat? It may be time to say “Aloha” to a new wardrobe. The bold and kitschy Aloha shirts made famous by Hawaii (and certified cool by the likes of Elvis and Tom Selleck) turn 75 this month.


And while most of us sweat it out here on the mainland, many workers in Hawaii are staying cool thanks to a new energy-saving campaign from the Hawaiian government which encourages workers to ditch suits for aloha shirts during the warmest months.


After three-quarters of a cenutry, many Hawaiians still debate the origins of this one-of-a-kind fashion statement. Some trace the shirts back to Japanese kimonos while others claim influence from Filipino and Tahitian immigrants.


While the shirts’ origins are still up for debate, one thing is certain even after 75 years: they’re the perfect way to keep cool (in every sense of the word) when temperatures begin to rise.


Source: USA Today

Flickr: sshreeves

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