Google has
launched its Person Finder tool after the devastating earthquake in 
Japan (Image: Wikimedia)
Google is helping loved ones re-connect following Japan's devastating quake


In the aftermath of one of the most powerful earthquakes in recorded history, Google has launched its interactive Person Finder tool to help families around the world connect with affected loved ones in Japan.


The Person Finder tool allows users to search for missing persons online or submit information about injured or missing individuals.


The tool was first put in place following a devastating earthquake in Haiti in 2010 and was used again following a similar quake in Christchurch, New Zealand just last month.


Google’s Crisis Response Team had the tool up and running about an hour after the earthquake hit Japan. The tool is currently available in both English and Japanese. 


More than 7,200 records are already being tracked on Person Finder, according to Google officials.


Source: LA Times

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