The ATA urges for oversized X-ray machines for cargo 


On Tuesday, the head of the International Air Transport
Association urged governments and industry to quickly develop effective
equipment such as oversized X-ray machines to monitor the cargo containers that
hold a majority of airborne freight.


Giovanni Bisignani spoke several days after two explosive
devices were found hidden on board freight being held by cargo jets heading for
the U.S.


“There is no technology today that governments have
certified to screen standard size pallets and large items… There is some
promising technology, but it is taking far too long to move from the laboratory
to the airport. We must speed up the process.” Bisignani told the association’s
regularly scheduled meeting on the security of passenger and cargo planes.


John Pistole, chief of the U.S. Transportation Security
Administration said a careful balance needs to created to ensure that the
enhanced security requirements for air freight do not disturb global trade.


Source: Associated Press

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