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If you had to eat one dish for the rest of your life, what
would it be? It's easy to think about your favorite foods, but what about the
best dishes around the world? You can travel and roam all the cities of the
earth and spend your whole life filling your stomach to its fullest desires.


Travelers indulge abroad in search of traditional local dishes that make them
want to become a local there and eat that particular dish for the rest of their
lives. It's easy to take a trip around the world through delicious cuisine.


North America – The All American burger and fries: It doesn't get more American than a juicy thick cut slab of
meat in between toasted buns and a side order of sizzling french fries.
Granted, North America is composed of a larger continent than the United States
itself, but the world knows Americans for their delicious burgers. Go beyond
the thought of the McDonalds Quarter Pounder and indulge in local diners and
smaller franchises for the burger that will be worth every single calorie.


South America – Peruvian Ceviche: A lot of travelers like to call Peru the International
Culinary Capital of Latin America. With such a big title, it's almost too easy
to decide that Peruvian Ceviche is one of the most delicious foods on the
continent. The popular seafood dish is made from fresh raw dish marinated in
citrus juices and spiced with chilli peppers and other condiments. Not only is
it a traditional dish, but it is also popular in neighboring countries like
Ecuador and Chile.


Europe – Italian Neapolitan pizza: When the moon hits your eyes like a big pizza pie, that's
amore, and just like when you're eyes get a glimpse of a delicious Italian Neapolitan
pizza, you can't help but fall in love. Authentic Italian pizza is typically
made with tomatoes and mozzarella cheese. Sticking to the basic ingredients
made in the proper stone oven makes for a pizza worth taking a flight to Italy
for. Southern Italian trattorias are known to have as many as 500 varieties of
pizza. This is not your typical New York or Chicago style pizza; we're talking
traditional Italian cuisine.


Asia – Thai Green Curry: Thai restaurants all over the world are known for a popular
dish called Pad Thai. Little do most travelers know that there are over a dozen
other popular dishes that give Pad Thai a run for its money.  If you're lucky enough to roam the streets of
Thailand, Green Curry is one of the specialty Asian dishes. Made of coconut
milk, green curry paste and other succulent ingredients, it is a consistent
sauce used not only in the Green curry dish, but can be served with meat,
vegetables or noodles. Once the intoxicating aromas hit your nasal passages,
you're stomach will instantly growl for a taste of Thai Green Curry.


Africa – Jollof rice: Known as a popular dish all over West Africa, Jollof Rice is
a one of the oldest that dates back to tribal times. Similar to Jambalaya, it
consists of rice, tomatoes, onions and spices. What makes this dish unique is
the cooking method; using coconut oil to fry the ingredients, adding stock so
the rice soaks up the flavors like a sponge. Luckily, your taste buds will also
absorb the aromatic flavors as well!


Australia – Damper: Many find it hard to think of typical Australian dishes.
With their location in proximity to other continents and their succulent
offerings, it makes it a melting pot of different cuisines. Little do travelers
know about Damper; a traditional Australian bread. The true traveler looking
for a unique experience will find the making of Damper; Australian soda bread,
worth looking for. It consists of a wheat flour base baked in the coals of a
campfire. The basic ingredients are flour, water, salt and milk; making for an
interesting consistency. If you're looking for the local experience, this is
the dish to find as it is popular with Indigenous Australians.


Antarctica: When you're known as the
coldest continent on the planet; it's hard to find a savory dish in the land
of ice, polar bears and penguins. Since the climate of Antarctica makes
it difficult for flora and fauna to live extensively, it makes it
difficult for a popular dish. However if you have visited, perhaps you can recommend a dish we must try the next time we're in that neck of the woods.


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