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If you love to travel and you love the idea of Halloween, there is nothing like mixing the two in celebration of a fun holiday. You can always opt for a travel-themed costume like a pilot or a historical figure, but take the Halloween travel experience to the next level. Why not book a cheap flight to a Halloween-themed location and celebrate your favorite holiday?

Headless Horseman: Sleepy Hollow, NY

If you’ve ever read Washington Irving’s short story “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow,” you’ll know exactly why it may be a place to visit for Halloween. We won’t say exactly what happened if you want to read the story itself, but just outside of New York City is one spooky place. Follow the legend of this story that was recreated by Tim Burton in the film and understand the legend of the Headless Horseman. You’ll especially enjoy the fall foliage in upstate, New York to accompany your spooky trip.

UFO Tours Roswell, New Mexico
Are there other life forms other than humans? If you believe in strange things, you’ll want to take a UFO Tour in Roswell, New Mexico. If you’re a believer in the 1947 UFO crash, you’ll love the guided tour of the former Army Fir Field. Tours are given all year round, but perhaps there is something extra special about it on Halloween.

Dracula’s Castle Transylvania, Romania

It’s not really called Dracula’s castle, but it is what everyone remembers it as. Bran Castle located in Romania is a national monument and landmark to the country and the entire world that read Dracula. The story is about the vampire Count Dracula who attempts to get away from Transylvania. It’s fun to imagine the story details in this real life castle that is spooky, but awfully beautiful.

Witch Hunt in Salem, Massachusetts
If you remember American history, you’ll know about the unfortunate witch hunts of Salem, Massachusetts. There’s a whole lot of Halloween celebration going on in the city centuries later. There is the Witch History Museum that tells the stories of the witch trials, ghost tours of real Salem streets and an official Witches ball for the ultimate costume party on Halloween. Don’t worry- if you dress up as a Witch, you won’t be tried!

Dia De Los Muertos: Oaxaca, Mexico

In Mexican culture, Halloween is a lot more than just dressing up in scary costumes. Go for the cultural experience in Mexico, particularly the city of Oaxaca where natives celebrate Dia de los Muertos, or the day of the dead. It is a day when families honor the memory of their dead ancestors.  There are parades, processions and offerings on altars and grave sites. IT truly is a celebration of life that is joyful and an optimal experience for one that wants to understand something vital to Mexican culture.

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