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Welcome to paradise in Aruba. While you’re booking flights to Aruba for a little rest and relaxation, we don’t imagine you’ll be spending every part of your day lying out on the beach. With its location in the Caribbean, Aruba is a great destination for water sports that you aren’t likely going to experience elsewhere. To help you decide the best water sports to do, we’ve recommended a few of the must-do water sports in Aruba.

Submarining: Submarining isn’t exactly a water sport, but it isn’t something you want to pass up. When is the next chance you’ll have to ride in a submarine? With such clear waters you’ll have a great opportunity to see the marine life of the Caribbean without getting wet. The trip is nearly two hours and takes visitors over 100 feet below the surface. Children are allowed on the submarine, but must be at least four years old and at least 36” tall.

Windsurfing: Windsurfing isn’t always an easy sport to take up, but if you have a couple free days and want a new challenge, then this is a great place to start, as Aruba has several places around the island that make it a premier windsurfing destination. If you want to try to get up on your own and give windsurfing a chance, I recommend taking a couple days of lessons and then renting equipment for a third day of trying it on your own.

Snuba diving: No, we didn’t misspell it; there really is such a thing as snuba. Similar to how it sounds, snuba is part scuba diving and part snorkeling. If you’ve typically gone snorkeling on vacations, but wanted to see further down, then this is for you. Snuba is also a great intro to scuba diving if you’ve considered getting your certification, but aren’t quite ready to commit to it. Aruba has a diverse marine life throughout the island, offering opportunities to see species up-close you’ve probably never seen before.

Sunset kayaking: There’s kayaking in Aruba and then there’s sunset kayaking. Kayak companies in Aruba often offer varying rental options, including hourly and daily rates. While it can be beautiful watching the sunset from the beach, there’s just something about being on the water and getting an extraordinary view of it before it dips behind the horizon. Of course for the best views, head to the west and northern parts of the island.

Sailing: While you may not be ready to take the wheel for yourself, that doesn’t mean you can’t have someone sail you around Aruba. There are many different great sailing packages in Aruba that range from half-day to full-day to weekend trips. However, I recommend some of the customized trips like a sunset sailing adventure or an afternoon sailing excursion that can be combined with snorkeling.

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